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Teams + Power Apps, Better Together

Teams + Power Apps, Better Together

Microsoft is spending tons of its efforts in making collaboration products including Teams to become more efficient with time. As we notice almost every week, we get new updates for Teams. In a recent event, Ignite 2020, Microsoft announced to integrate Power Apps with Teams. If you do not know much about Power Apps, go here and read about it. In short, it is a low-code application platform where developers can create apps for their organization. Some example of the apps which can be built would be, Leave Request, Asset Management, Inspection, Training Requests and many other internal workflows can be turned into an app using Power Apps.

Now lets talk about this recent announcement about Teams + Power Apps, which can undoubtedly bring productivity to your work. Teams, which has been in use for the purpose of collaborating in projects, sharing content and having conference calls, how about if an application be created and used within Teams to can bring richness in your work? For example, let us say you are working in a project that requires live inputs from sales team and in a channel, you create an app which can get those inputs from your sales team. Cool, isn’t it? There are many more examples.

Microsoft Power Apps has its own “studio” to create application but now you do not need to browse that, all you need is to add the application “Teams + Power Apps” in your Teams and start making apps.

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Teams + Power Apps in Microsoft Teams

When you click “Create an app”, it will ask which teams you need the app to be added as Tab, once you have that information entered, you will be redirected to a “studio” to create your app. All the members in the team will be getting permission to use the application.

Caution : This is still in Preview. So do not make the Power Apps application for Production environment.

I have tried making some apps and found it really nice and easy. If you have not ever created Power Apps, no need to worry, it is easy to understand. You just need a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel formulas.

I will be writing another blog post covering a complete application in Power Apps with Power Automate inside Teams.

Thank you for reading.

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